Wikipedia for SEO- Are you there yet?

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One of the most respected sites by Google- Wikipedia, might as well be explored for use in Search Engine Optimization. But it remains a difficult proposition in its entirety. Much as you might think of tapping the ever increasing page views there but that itself remains an uphill task. Let’s find out how.

You have to have the refined link building skills in order to capitalize on the growing popularity of Wikipedia and this refinement can at once be traced in the use of no follow links and prioritizing your content before your links.

Wikipedia is a complete no-nonsense site that doesn’t allow you to show any kind of bias and over optimization strictly leads to your site being listed as spam.

If you are a niche site, yet to explode fully in the scene, then it would only be advisable to stay away from Wikipedia. If you’re writing an article for a big brand that is in regular news then you can proceed with the hope of featuring in this trusted websites. Please remember to steer clear of bias in the content. Wikipedia only allows plain, unbiased content that produces only objective information and no subjective opinions.

If you are big brand on your way to start posting on the site, you should hire a beginner, whose writing would not be conditioned by any kind of personal experience or association with your brand.

Please make sure that the information that you’re adding in the website is duly verified by an authentic source like a published news or book.

Some of the crucial ways of making it to the much revered websites are listed below:

• Regular involvement with the Wikipedia community- interact with eminent members in the Wikipedia Talk page to gain visibility

• Make use of the reference section in order to ascertain your credibility

• Be a registered user to kick start your exploits in the site

By Infographics presentation, we tried to explain how to get link from Wikipedia.


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