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Website Marketing the business


Its Importance in Modern Business

With the huge expansion of websites in recent years, it is becoming much more important for companies and organizations to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Also important is getting a return on the investment of a website. Website marketing is the marketing of a website to potential and current customers in order to increase traffic to that website, which in turn should increase revenue for commercial websites and increase membership for other sites. Search engine optimization is an important part of this activity as it makes a website easier to be found by major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing. Website marketing has many elements, including social networking, search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns.


Social Networking

Popular social networking websites include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn. These sites offer opportunities for large groups of people to interact. A common school of thought for marketers dealing with social networking is to use a soft approach. Commonly, market savvy individuals will befriend hundreds or thousands of people without trying to sell them anything. However, when this person sends out an update or message regarding a possible product or service, every one in that group will see it. That is one of the goals of website marketing, which is for more people to see a certain website.


Search Engine Optimization

This practice involves getting a certain website at the top of search engine results pages for a particular key word or keywords. It is a form of website marketing because it raises awareness to a certain website through organic methods. Organic refers to the quality of a search result being on top due to sound search engine optimization techniques.


Pay Per Click Campaigns

This form of website marketing puts a certain website on the search engine results page despite a lack of organic SEO. This type of marketing is ideal for promotions or other short-term campaigns. If a website is desired to be on the front pages of the major search engines consistently, organic SEO techniques should be employed instead of PPC efforts.

Getting a Return on Investment for a Website

There are many costs associated with starting, building and maintaining a website. The goal of a website from a website marketing perspective is to increase one or more of the key elements of marketing. They are as follows.

Increase revenue

Increase brand awareness and recognition

Increase brand quality or connection with customers

If a website accomplishes one or more of these things, it is worth having. But, there are also many costs involved with website marketing. Here is a brief look at some of the costs and benefits of having a website.



Buying a domain name

Paying for hosting of the site

Salaries for writers and other content contributors

Pay per click campaigns

Search engine optimization

Financial Benefits

More customers, reached from website marketing, buying the products or services offered therein

Possibility for hosting ads

Possibility for increased donations

Long term viability resulting from increased brand recognition and respect

Overall, website marketing should work hand in hand with search engine optimization to increase traffic to a particular website.

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