Please read the Website Optimization Company Terms & Conditions before using our services

While every effort is made to help your website rank high on the search engines, sometimes there are defining factors that prevent us from reaching our goal of 1st page for your industry related search phrases.

The Website Optimization Company can not give any guarantee regarding web optimization, though we are highly confident in our own skills and knowledge of the search engines, there are a number of reasons why we do not give a guarantee, 1 We do not own any of the search engines, 2 It is illegal to give guarantees, 3 Its not always possible to get the result depending on the sector.

In order for the Website Optimization Company to perform the search engine optimization, we will require FTP or some form of access to the website, that allows us to edit Content Images Metadata Folders CSS and other key factors to get the best possible result.

This is not always the case as we have worked with several clients and complete access as not been allowed, in these circumstances we have documented all the changes and worked with the webmaster of the client.

When you agree to the Website Optimization Company providing the seo, there are a few key factors that the Website Optimization Company must be notified about,

1 Once onsite web optimisation has been completed, if you intend to do any changes to the website, you must notify us before proceeding.

2 No other seo company or website marketing company can be allowed any access, as our services will be discontinued with immediate effect,

3 Changing of hosting, again we must be notified.

4 You must notify us of any other websites that you may own, as they have related information on the website, that could hamper your seo campaign.

5 Content on website, the content on your website must be unique and not copied from any other website on the search engines not even a paragraph, you must inform us if this is the case.

6 The client must agree to providing us with weekly updates for news feeds and blogs, a minimum of one article a week will suffice as this will help with back link generation and social marketing.


Discontinuing of service or disqualification of service

If you decide to discontinue our services or are disqualified from using our services here are few factors you must be aware of.

1)All onsite optimisation of your website will belong to you

2)All Social networks accounts created will belong to the Website Optimization Company

3)All back links and web resources offsite will be removed this could have an effect on your overall positioning on the search engines.

4)Blogs and URLS setup for news feeds will belong to the Website Optimization Company Ltd, though you may have been initially charged for blog creation, you are only paying for the creation and not ownership of the blog and the domain, all content on the blog or news feed will belong to the Website Optimization Company Ltd.

5)We must be given a minimum notice period of 2 months for discontinuation of service, if you require immediate discontinuation of service, you will have to pay outstanding payments and a penalty fee of 2 months services.


Now you have read the Website Optimization Company Terms & Conditions we hope you are happy to proceed with our services, every effort will be made to make your internet marketing campaign a successful one.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

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