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Do you need a website, the website designers at the Website Optimization Company Ltd can design innovative websites that can help with conversion and more search engine friendly and easy to use for end users (potential customers).

From domain purchasing to hosting graphic design, HTML design ASP, Ecommerce WordPress PHP and blogs, what ever your choice the website designers at the Website Optimization Company Ltd help design the website for you and your company

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Website Designers Becoming Search Engine Optimizers

In the past, website designers were people who understood how to use HTML code well and could also make a website look attractive. Because most traffic came from already knowing the specific URL from outside the internet or from searching on a search engine, designers could get away with this limited approach. The website designers of modern times, however, have a myriad of other things to be concerned with. Possibly the most important of these are website optimization and search engine optimization.

Website Optimization

This is the practice of making a website easy for users to navigate and easy for search engines to find. The first part involves logical construction and clear sub directories. The website designers working with specific websites must also remember the site audience, purpose and goals. A close relationship between designer and client is very important. The second aspect of website optimization involves making the website easy for search engines to find. Some elements of HTML and Java can interfere with search engines abilities to index the site or to find certain key words written within the content. Also, certain meta elements must be verified by website designers, such as nofollow attributes which allow or disallow links that appear on a page to be followed by search engine programs. Also, there is a meta attribute which can altogether disallow search engines from finding the site. All of these aspects are key matters for website designers to be aware of.

Search Engine Optimization

The act of optimizing a website involves some content writing, which website designers may or may not be involved with. SEO copy writers are charged with writing original content while using key words at a frequency of around 2% in order to increase the ranking of this website with search engines.

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