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Meta Elements and Keyword Density: The Ingredients of SEO

The rise and expansion of the internet has vastly increased the volume of available information which is easily accessible to a huge number of people around the world. While some of the information that has become available is useful to readers, an increasing amount of it has been written solely for the purpose of SEO. These three letters stand for Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimizer in reference to the person or company who offers SEO as a service. What this is and how it affects both the owner of websites and the visitors is something that should be understood by all internet users. In order to better understand this topic, there are a number of important terms to investigate including search engine optimization, meta elements and SEO keyword density.

Search Engine Optimization

When someone wants to find information about a chosen topic, one would likely use the internet to find this data. Even if this person knows the exact website address, they often type part of the website address into a search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing or Ask. Almost instantly, search results and several selections will be displayed. So what website is listed first and why is it listed first? Why was this website not first 2 months ago when the user searched for it the first time? The answer is SEO, an intelligent approach to building web pages and writing content for them so that the major search engines can easily find them and show them to the internet user.

If a user searches for Jamaica vacation, they will likely see different results than if he searches for travel to Jamaica.The reason for this is that an important aspect of SEO involves which particular keyword has been written in the meta elements and within the content of the web page itself.

Meta Elements in SEO

A meta element shapes the function and ability of a web page. There are meta elements that allow a certain page to be found by search engines, there is a meta element that tells search engines what language the website is in and there is a meta element that gives a brief description of what kind of information the web page gives. All of these things are coded into the web page by a website designer SEO consultant and users cannot see them when they visit a particular site.

Some of the most important meta elements are the description and the SEO keywords that are written therein. If someone has put up a website dedicated to something with minor interest like a local landmark or building, just having the name of the landmark in the meta description should allow the site to appear on the first page of Google search results. However, if someone is trying to put up a website in a very competitive market like weight loss tips, just having these keywords in the description will probably not be enough. Proper SEO must then be implemented.

Keyword Density

This refers to the number of times a particular keywords is written in the content of a website. Most SEO consultants agree that an occurrence of 1% 3% is the right amount. Writing a large quantity of high quality content that features a chosen keyword at this rate will help bring your page closer to the top.

Many More Ingredients

These two elements are just small parts of the total recipe for effective SEO but they can give any website a good start.

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