SEO: What….after link building?

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With the importance of link building clearly being questioned at present, it has rather become difficult for SEO analysts to digest the fact that there is no scope to explore possibilities with link building or to see that so many links brought by them are now rendered useless. Meaningful link building has always been seen as a measure of achieving the best in terms of Domain Authority, Page Rank, client satisfaction etc. So what is the way out now? Is link building really dead? Or is it just a rumour? If it is really true, what possibly can act as such a (like link building) definitive measure of success? Let us explore further in this post.

Now, think deep. Stop taking things in face value. Please think about what you had been dealing with till now. If link “building” is what you had been concentrating on, then it will not be a surprise to actually be reminded of the fact that if you had been building something for some days it must come to an end. It is now time to see what you actually have built!!! More precisely speaking, link building has never ceased to be a near impossible task with around several sources bringing zero links.

Some of the ways of triggering page rank are mentioned below:

• Email marketing

• Blog posts with long tail keywords

• Other contents with long tail keywords

• Social Media sharing

It is rather time for you to “earn” links whereby you should try and implement the following:

• Start interviewing well known individuals for publications

• Make yourself available for these interviews. If possible, try and involve clients as well.

• Make sure you are honing your networking skills duly

• Do not forget to update old sites in .gov, .edu or .org websites.

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