SEO, Voice Search and A Bit More

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Voice Search

It is anticipated that Google’s voice search will see full-fledged implementation in the near future. Redefining search largely, the impact of this feature on search engine optimization can make for a significant topic of discussion. Now the introduction and the wide scale practice of the voice search might be seen as the natural evolution of users’ affinity towards mobile and experts opine that mobile would continue to derive significant benefits from this feature, though it’s a tad bit difficult to execute voice search in the small touch screens.

So much so for the impact of voice search for mobile, the focus will now be particularly on voice search and search engine optimization.

If this particular feature from Google’s update is going to redefine search trends in a major way, the same will definitely impact SEO in a significant way. One of the biggest challenges is to adopt to the way people converse. It is known fact that Apple already urges its users to carry on with normal ways of “conversation” with Siri. More as the users are encouraged to “talk to” search engines while searching, more are there chances of typing terse words/keywords eliminated and more there will be opportunities to throw follow up questions.

Google will need to identify these words thus spoken and relate them with its indexed search keywords and then come up with relevant results. It would be more inclined towards providing direct responses rather than presenting a collection of results as it normally does in the case of web page search. For instance, if someone just asks something about “rainfall” it would try to come up with the rainfall report of that particular region. While more users would be inspired to use the conversational mode of search, it would become difficult to find the availability of sources that will aid webmasters to monitor their content. Moreover, as typing keywords would be done away with, search traffic would be greatly impacted as well.

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