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What Our SEO Services Actually Offer to Clients

There are countless website optimization companies offering SEO services to clients around the world, but only a few seem to actually be able to bring about the desired results. Clients hire these companies for many reasons like increasing page rank, writing content for web pages and general optimization of the website.

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Increasing Page Rank with SEO Services

In this scenario, the client chooses one or more key words that it would like to target so that when an internet user searches for that particular key word or key words then the clients site should rank fairly high on the search results page. Providers of SEO services claim that they can perform various search engine optimization tactics to make the clients page place on the first page of the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. This is particularly important to for-profit websites, since a higher volume of visitors will result in a higher number of actual customers. For non-profits, the more people find out about a cause, the more people will follow, support and possibly contribute to it.

Content Writing SEO Services

What is a website worth if it does not have any useful content? Internet users will quickly navigate off a page that offers low quality information. With Wikipedia becoming more and more prominent on almost every topic and often offering high quality, succinct information, the need for quality information has never been greater. Good providers of SEO services will have professional SEO copy writers on staff, or at least on retainer. The content must contain certain key words at an acceptable frequency (typically 1%  3%) but also should make sense and provide something unique to the reader. With the size of the average website expanding, its becoming increasingly necessary for competitive websites to utilize SEO services.

Website Optimization

This practice is different than search engine optimization in that while SEO is focused on increasing the rank of a website on search engine results pages, website optimization looks at all areas of how a website has been built and operates. SEO services companies then make the website easier to navigate for users and easier to find for search engines.

Be Careful

Before committing to use one of these services, look into their track record. There are many things to consider.

Have they been able to get results for clients? It is one thing to proclaim to be able to do something and quite a different thing to actually be able to do what is claimed.

How long have they been successful? Some SEO services incorporate black hat tactics to catapult a website to the front page of Google for 2 weeks, only to have the site be removed for improper techniques. Clients should be interested in long term results.

What sort of key words are they successful with? It is relatively easy to perform SEO on key words that no one actually searches for. Potential clients of SEO services should look into the difficulty of possible key words before trying to have them optimized.

What are the specifics of their guarantee? While most firms offer guarantees, some popular providers have been found to actually only offer money back promises on part of the payment.


Clients should not expect SEO services firms to do all the work. By researching possible key words to checking the actual guarantees of companies, clients need to be involved in the process of search engine optimization. .

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