SEO: Paid Media or Organic Search?

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seo and ppc

With some of the long tried and tested SEO techniques still ruling the roost when it comes to driving traffic in a major way, one crucial mistake that entrepreneurs are still committing is that they are relying too much on paid media even today. They continue to ignore one established truth in the world of SEO that more than paid media it is the organic search that is driving most of the click-throughs today. According to experts, search engine optimization based on organic search can reap cumulative benefits whereby one can keep on improving with time. Riding high on earned media, on the other hand, turns out to be a risky proposition—- the moment you stop paying for your stuff, your presence gets completely removed.

Experts continue to suggest that paid search should only be considered as a means to establish your presence online. It’s not something that can yield long term benefits. Entrepreneurs should, instead try to explore the lasting impact of organic search even while trying to initiate their presence on the Internet.

Now, the sustenance of visibility is a huge problem in the modern digital environment. Only understanding that proper SEO drives huge traffic to your business will not do. The authorities or the management have/has to understand SEO itself as well. Whether backed by the services of a well composed team or by your own expertise, please remember that there are no quick fixes here. Be prepared to sweat it out for a considerable period of time in order to rake in positive results. The number of people in each team namely SEO, content, design, sales, marketing will hardly determine your success here. But make sure, no matter, how many team members you have hired for each of these departments- everyone is involved from the scratch. SEO should be introduced as a part of business planning and not as a means of damage control.

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