What Can SEO Consultants Do?

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The Purpose and Function of SEO Consultants

Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is more widely known, is a specialty area of internet research and advertising that has the aim to make a website appear higher up on the list of query results for a certain set of keywords entered into one of the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing or Ask. In recent years, there has been in increase in demand for such services and an accompanying supply of SEO consultants, people who find ways to make a certain website easier to find on search engines.

How Seo Consultants Do It

In the Past

SEO consultants use a variety of techniques to get the web pages they are working with higher up on the search engine ladder. In the past, the main methods were putting many keywords into meta data for a website. This led to problems because SEO consultants could write meta keywords that were totally different than the content that the website actually contained.

Next, search engines started to rank websites based on the amount of links found elsewhere on the internet that linked back to that site. This was supposed to show that a particular website was popular and thus relevant. The problem arose when unscrupulous SEO consultants and webmasters became farmers. No, they did not go out and garden instead of working at their computers, they started creating link farms. These are websites that contained little more than hyperlinks that linked back to the main page that they were trying to promote.

While both of these methods were clever tricks made up and implemented by certain SEO consultants, website optimization companies did not appreciate such behavior. This is due to the fact that the success or failure of a search engine is its ability to generate relevant results. If Google cannot give internet users enough websites that contain relevant, high quality information, users will stop using Google, which will in turn decrease Google huge revenue stream. This is a good thing for common internet users, since the major search engine companies are motivated to make your searching experience better and SEO consultants understand this.

In Present Times

As a result of the failed keyword and link basis of ranking web pages, the major search engine companies have modified the algorithms used to include over 20 different elements of criteria when returning search results. Some SEO consultants understand this complex mix of elements and guard their knowledge, lest their intellectual property become useful for the thousands of other competing SEO consultants around the world.

The Relevance of SEO Copy Writing

Since the major search engines have now shut out most of the previous attempts of SEO consultants to manipulate search results, a new position has been added to jobs related to search engine optimization. SEO copywriters are now being employed around the world to write high quality content for websites. The difference between the content in which copywriters compose is that it contains certain key words, typically at a frequency of 1% 3%. Any more and the search engines may suspect spamdexing. Any less and there will be no impact on search engine results. Many SEO consultants are now doubling as copywriters. This position will continue to be of importance especially for those writers who can consistently create high quality content that users actually find useful. .

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