Senior Seo Consultant Job

Due to the mass response of candidates for the Senior Seo Consultant, we are having difficulty deciding who to employ.
The winning candidate will be an integral part of the Website Optimization Company and will grow and further develop their skills in seo with us,

Thus far we have given tests to analyse certain websites and identify all errors and come up with a winning solution, this has still not helped us decide as many of the candidates are displaying high levels of  knowledge and skills, therefore we have come up with an alternative solution to decide who the Senior Seo Consultant will be

Each candidate will create their own page and promote it to the top of the search engines for the search phrase Senior Seo Consultant candidate
Whoever is at the top of Google at the end of May 6th 12pm 2013 will be chosen to work for the Website Optimization Company Ltd.
Details, you must display your name on the page and mention why you should be chosen for the position and work for the Website Optimization Company.
You will use all your seo techniques and skills to achieve this, and only white hat methods are acceptable.
We only want 1 candidate but there is also an opportunity to employee a second person if they display the necessary skills to be part of our dynamic team
Good luck one and all.

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