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Search Engine Optimization: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Known commonly as SEO, the practice and implementation of search engine optimization is an area of study and work that has grown exponentially the past few years. Starting in the internet days of the 1990s, this technique of implementing various seen and unseen elements into web pages in order to have them appear at the top of search engine query results has grown and changed just as the internet itself has. Search engine optimization should make a particular website easier to find for internet users, thus increasing the likelihood that the user will participate in this website. If the site is trying to sell something, then increased traffic to the site will increase the number of products or services sold. If the website is trying to raise awareness for a cause, the potential number of followers will greatly increase if the overall number of people reached with the message is increased. Search engine optimization can be good or bad and is usually an ugly and complicated endeavor to attempt for SEO consultants and webmasters.

The Good

Search engine optimization is a good way for capable specialists to improve relevant websites, making them easier for internet users to find and use. The SEO that makes the internet more useful with search engine optimization has been named White Hat SEO. With the massive expansion of the world wide web it would be nearly impossible to find most of the websites created. While the amount of useless websites that would never have to be viewed again would be decreased, so would the amount of useful but small websites unable to be found without good website optimization. If you are looking for a resort to stay at in Phuket, Thailand, how could you do so without search engines? Certainly travel agents could provide a decent list of accommodations, but the days of being at the mercy of middlemen and manipulators is over. Search engine optimization has saved internet users from having to just take someone elses word for it. Or has it?

The Bad

While the access to useful information has increased, so has the amount of nearly useless websites created with search engine optimization tactics. This type of SEO has been termed Black Hat SEO, because of the way that SEO technique is exploited to cause unnatural search engine results. Common tactics include keyword stuffing, which is when a webmaster or SEO consultant targets certain keywords and writes them at very high percentages throughout the content of the website. SEO best practices recommend using keywords at a rate of 1%  3% in order to achieve a higher search engine ranking, while maintaining the integrity, relevance and quality of the website itself. Another Black Hat search engine optimization tactic is to create and use link farms, where hundreds or thousands of websites are created with the sole purpose of listing links to a certain website, thus improving the ranking of the website without actually having an increase in quality content.

The Ugly Search engine optimization is time consuming, especially when creating and updating sites with high quality, original content. Webmasters, SEO consultants and copywriters take the weight of this endeavor and are constantly working and tweaking websites to provide useful content for internet users.

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