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The Website Optimization Company Ltd is a leading UK search engine marketing company that provides web marketing solutions via the World Wide Web, there are a number of options that are used that can all bring success, first is organic seo, also known as a web optimisation, web optimisation is improving a website or web page on the natural search results, using onsite optimisation, this can achieve results on the local search image search or video search engines, another result that can prove just as effective but costly is the Cost Per Click or Google Adwords, a Cost Per Click campaign can be setup in hours and have your site featuring on the search engines in no time at all, but can prove to be an expensive solution and we advise as a temporary measure. Another service which can also be as a effective is social networking, as a >search engine marketing company, we are in a position to provide all of these seo services as a complete package or an individual package, what ever strategy or solution you decide to to choose, The Website Optimization Company Ltd have provided long lasting results and website marketing strategies for its clients, you can read more about search engine marketing below, or contact us on 0845 3664031 or fill out the request a quote form for more information and assistance.

The Increasing Usage of Search Engine Marketing

There was once a time when websites were only found by entering a URL directly into a web browser or clicking on a link. However, in the more modern world of the internet, several more forms of internet marketing have developed including search engine marketing, known as SEM. This form of marketing tries to increase a websites visibility and ease of being found by search engines. It uses four major techniques to accomplish these goals. They are as follows. Search engine optimization Search engine marketing paid placement Contextual advertising Paid inclusion Each of these elements of search engine marketing should be implemented in conjunction with each other in order to bring about major increases in the position and visibility of a certain website.

Search Engine Optimization

Otherwise known as SEO, this is the technique and tactics used to increase the ranking of a particular website on the search results pages of the major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. SEO specifically focuses on organic optimization in its search engine marketing instead of paid advertising, commonly in the form of pay per click campaigns. Websites which are seeking to have a long term growth and prominence should invest in proper white hat SEO, where certain elements of the website are optimized in order to achieve increased navigation and function as necessary parts of search engine marketing. Websites wishing to instantly increase awareness and visibility may want to look into pay per click marketing tactics instead.

Paid Placement

This form of search engine marketing offers companies the opportunity to immediately appear on the search results pages of certain key words. Instead of having to build up a large amount of quality content and endure the slow process of organic SEO, hopeful companies and organizations can set the maximum amount of money they are willing to pay each time their ad is clicked by a user. Some of the more competitive key words are in reference to weight loss advice, travel and online pharmaceuticals and command high bids in order to be shown consistently. On the other hand, a growing trend is to use this type of search engine marketing for lesser used key words, often restricted to certain geographical locations. The advantages of using pay per click campaigns are that its easy to set up and it is relatively cheap to launch when compared to traditional marketing campaigns.

Contextual Advertising in Search Engine Marketing

This is a newer approach to marketing online and involves the placement of links under certain key words that appear within text of certain websites. For example, if an internet user is reading an article on Cuban food recipes, the keyword may be underlined and lead to a website selling Cuban food ingredients. Instead of appearing on the search engine results page like organic SEO and pay per click campaigns do, contextual advertising appears within the actual content of a page making it much more focused in its search engine marketing approach. This way, the links appear to people who actually might want to click on them, because they are reading about that specific topic anyway.

Paid Inclusion

Paid inclusion is a tool of search engine marketing and is also an element of search engine optimization. It involves a website paying a search engine to display a link to its website in a section titled, sponsored links. Search engine marketing is a necessary tool for modern companies to master if they hope to compete for internet traffic and business in general.

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