Pinterest and Bing: What’s New in SEO?

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Those of you who have always sounded optimistic about the place of Pinterest in search engineoptimization have more reasons to cheer now. But why? Let’s find out.

Till date, though Pinterest hasn’t had the opportunity to offer much to natural search, now Bing has incorporated the content of Pinterest in to its image search. As a result, brands that have very attractive products to promote can jolly well leverage Pinterest in a bid to improve their search result in Bing.

As per reports, Bing gets almost 10 million searches a day, around 10-15 percent of which are images. Now, this move by Bing (that of including Pinterest in its natural search) is being seen as a very useful one by experts. While earlier Bing was primarily banking on “computer vision” to decide on the context of images, now (after the integration of Pinterest) the focus has clearly shifted to human intelligence. Pinterest’s image search is meaningful as it majorly takes human involvement in to account. Here, it’s the human beings who in a way “rate” or attach value to pictures by pinning or following them. It becomes difficult for search engines to rightly estimate
the value of an image and anticipate how the audience would react to it. The integration of Pinterest, now, has made things easier since the way images are estimated here coincides with Bing’s stress on authority and relevance while deciding on search engine rankings. The number of times people pin and repin them and the way they describe these images play a crucial role in determining the search ranking of each of these images.

The integration of Pinterest in Bing (that had taken place a couple of months back in October) has so far been touted as a great move till now. Let’s see where this heads in future!

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