Perfect Lawn SEO Campaign Information

In June 2011 Perfect Lawn approached the Website Optimization Company LTD about being their new seo company and replacing their existing seo company.

Perfect Lawn had been using the services of another search engine optimization company for their internet marketing, not seeing enough results and has also having to setup a PPC campaign, they wanted to address their seo services asap and drop the Pay Per Click.

Perfect Lawn was introduced to the Website Optimization Company LTD by an existing client of the Website Optimization Company LTD, who was selling our praises, keen to know more Perfect Lawn contacted us and explained the competitive nature of their industry on the World Wide Web and that their contract with the current seo provider was due to expire and they would not renewing their contract with them.

Satisfied with the results of the initial meeting with one of our seo consultants, they decided to use the seo services of the Website Optimization Company LTD and social marketing.

Perfect Lawn or a suppliers of artificial lawns and artificial grass and wanted to achieve results on the search engines for GEO related search phrases in the south of England, not only have we managed to do this, they also now rank nationally for search phrases such as grass suppliers, lawn suppliers and many more related search phrases relevant to their industry


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