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As an organic seo company, it is our job to help company clients to achieve high results on the organic listings, the Website Optimization Companies knowledge of the search engines is vast but we as a company are learning all the time, as the search engine algorithm,s are constantly changing, the company adapts to these new changes and acts in accordance to the new algorithms,s so that the companies clients and the companies website still maintain and achieve high rankings on the organic listings.
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Growing Organic SEO

Money does not buy everything, including prominence on search engine results pages as the result of organic SEO. While certain internet marketing strategies can make a website gain increased traffic and consequently increase sales, this type of approach may harm the overall image and placement of a website in the long run. A much more proper way to get more people to a website is through organic SEO. This type of SEO optimizes the natural search engine results, not those ads which are paid for through programs like PPC (pay per click).

An Example

To better understand what organic SEO is, let’s take a closer look at a good example. A long standing real estate company named AZ Company in San Fransisco has lost some of its market share to newer firms in the city. The society and culture of San Francisco is modern. There are many potential clients and people interested in buying or renting property. These clients are well connected, using the internet for many aspects of life from banking to communication to looking for real estate. When someone searches for the key words “San Francisco Real Estate” in Google, the AZ Company website is not on the first page of the results. The user does see two types of links however. Organic SEO links are those displayed in plain text. Non organic results are those listed under the sponsored subtitle and have been paid for by the owners of the links in hopes of luring you to their site, even if their organic SEO is lousy. These inorganic sites usually have taken the easy way out, subscribing to pay per click campaigns instead of investing in search engine optimization.

Back to they story, the AZ Company’s website is found all the way on the fourth page of Google, much farther than the typical internet user cares to search. Fortunately, AZ Company’s local reputation has been strong enough to maintain profits, but losing its position could mean gradual death to the business. Organic SEO is the best way for them to get back in the game. Here is how.


Organic is a term that properly describes this type of optimization in two ways.

  • It is not manipulated by pay per click campaigns or other paid online marketing service.
  • It must be treated the same way as other organic things, like trees, plants and crops. The seeds of the organic SEO process must be planted with care in order to ensure future success and growth. High quality content must be written with effective key words. Websites must be made easy to navigate and easy to find. Quality links must be created that link back to the website. In time, proper nurturing of the organic SEO process will yield results.

For the imaginary AZ Company in San Fransisco, it may take a few months of proper search engine optimization for the website to rank on the front pages of Google, Yahoo, Ask and Bing, but it will be well worth it in the long run. Organic SEO is a better way for established companies to increase their online presence.

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