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The moment you think of ORM or Online Reputation Management, you immediately start thinking about ways of strengthening your online presence by means of the digital world that enables you to share information about your product and services and spread brand awareness as a result. However, one of the crucial aspects that you might miss out in this regard is that just as people would be made aware of your brand through the digital media, they can share their opinions about your products as well and some of them might be criticizing your brand as well. Most of the negative comments would be posted after users have actually used your products and services only to end up feeling disappointed. Now as most of the disillusioned users would actually want to inform their network about the same, you stand a serious chance of losing both your long- time and potential customers.

Now an able online reputation manager would be able to make use of SEO or search engine optimization in order to somewhat minimize the impact of the negative comments on your brand value. Now proper SEO techniques would actually aid you in pushing down the adverse comments and results deeper down the index so that they do not appear on search engines easily. Now, much easy as it sounds, in reality it is not so. Your SEO expert should be thoroughly looking for and analyzing all the listings of your brand or company name on the search engines. You can remove the same from the first few pages of Google by adding some unique content in relation with your brand or with the particular terms that you do not want to rank high and thus be visible to your audience.

Avoiding Black Hat SEO is a way of not affecting your online reputation in an adverse manner.

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