LEA CARS Testimonial for the Website Optimization Company

We have, during the past 10 years of trading, tried several SEO companies with limited success and great expense. Steve at the Website Optimization Company is definitely different.
Because we are on Google page 1 for around 50 keywords incorporating our services, products and area/towns we serve – enquiries and orders are literally flooding in at totally unprecedented levels. We have more orders for 2012 now than we did in the whole of 2011 for example and it is only April. We have double the orders for 2013 now than we had for 2011 on January 1st 2011 and it is only April 2012 !
It took Steve a year to get us there but we are now up there and staying there despite retaliatory action by our competitors. It is a huge achievement and I do not know how Steve does it  I just know he is very good at it. I can see it is a combination of tags and keywords on our website, our supportive blog being active and using social networking and probably a lot more I do not know of – but it is totally remarkable and a huge achievement. Our business is transformed.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve at the Website Optimization Company, which for me, who does not like recommending anybody in case it backfires is saying something.
Richard Lea, Partner, LEA CARS

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