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As an Internet marketing company the Website Optimization Company Ltd are one of UK leading Internet Marketing Companies whose aim is to help companies with their internet marketing on the World Wide Web, on the local search results Google Places, Cost Per Click or creating brand awareness on the social networks, i.e Twitter Facebook Google Plus, the Internet marketing strategy is the same,  to help develop the clients overall website marketing and brand awareness and increase traffic and improve conversions.

Using website optimisation techniques on web pages and offsite seo via directory submissions articles submission and link exchange programs, can help improve the overall ranking on the search results on the search engines

If your company is looking for an Internet Marketing Company in the UK that is dedicated to providing a quality service and strategy, there is more information on internet marketing below for you to read. or you can call us on 0845 3664031 or fill out the request a quote form for more help and assistance.

The Wide Reach of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the promotion and sales of items over the internet. There are an extensive number of activities that make up online marketing from search engine optimization to multimedia such as video and audio. There are a few main goals of all internet marketing activities.

Increase sales If a company spends money on an advertising campaign, the resulting increase in revenue should be at least equal to the amount of money spent on the campaign. There are a few caveats that will be discussed later. Increase brand awareness Small companies desperately need their brand name and image to be seen by an increasingly larger group of potential customers. Large companies can always expand into new markets, including new geographical locations. Internet marketing can provide excellent opportunities to reach international audiences.

Increase brand image  Some companies want to promote the quality of a brand, while other organizations want to establish a connection with a certain target audience or customer lifestyle.

Each of these goals can be achieved by internet marketing.

Advantages of Internet Marketing

In contrast to a traditional marketing campaign which is costly to initiate and time-consuming to manage, marketing online is relatively cheap, is easy to manage and can reach a potentially huge audience. By using one of the pay per click options from the major search engine providers like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, companies can control their marketing expenditures because they only pay for specific people to see their product or service. Another important advantage that internet marketing has over traditional marketing is that it is easy to track. Software provides efficient analysis of raw data, making it useful in tweaking a current campaign or planning a new one.

Disadvantages of Internet Marketing

While marketing online is inexpensive, easy to target and easy to track, there are some limitations to its effectiveness. Firstly, customers cannot actually see or test a product out before buying it. If the item is clothing, being able to buy something that is an exact fit is difficult. A buyer is more convinced of a product when he can try it out or at least look at it first. Fortunately, most online retailers have responded to this concern by offering return policies. Additionally, because the end result of internet marketing is some sort of transaction or commitment there are countless security concerns to be addressed. If a customer feels like a certain website is insecure, he may not buy anything or provide useful information. Most of these concerns could be remedied by applying standard website optimization techniques.

A Peculiar Success Story

An example of how powerful internet marketing can be is found in the million dollar home page idea. Thought up by a 21 year old British citizen, this website debuted in 2005 and featured one million tiny squares, which were available to purchase for one dollar a piece. The squares could be filled in with a color or logo and contained a link to the sponsors website. After a short four month period, the site sold off all of its million squares, providing its founder with a large chunk of money and the companies advertising with a large amount of traffic. Internet marketing is at its best when it is innovative and focused.

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