Hummingbird- What It Means

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Google hummingbird

As Google searches are becoming more refined, today the search engine giant has come up with a new algorithm called “Hummingbird” that aims at zeroing in on ways of ascertaining how search queries are processed here. Instead of analyzing a single word at a time, the algorithm aims at assessing questions that are put by users. It has been opined that Google, as always, is trying to keep pace with the evolution of the internet whereby it is looking to accommodate the more complicated forms of searches instead of the earlier “Boolean” keyword-based ways.

It has further been noted, that the search engine rankings of sites have not been affected the way it had been affected with the introduction of Google Panda way back in the year 2011, though Google itself had presented a rough gauge that around 90 percent of the sites had been affected. Panda was particularly aimed at targeting low quality sites that showed marked features like keyword stuffing, multiple links on the same page, duplicate content in the same domain etc. Though most of the low quality sites were penalized in this way (by being pushed low in the search engine), the genuine site owners also had to reassess their ranking techniques as well.

Mainly in keeping with the changing (actually evolving) search dynamics today Google is focusing more on natural language processing today. Language translation is aided duly by means of data collected from throughout the web. Hummingbird, additionally, is expected to introduce the use of click through behavior in order to make the search engine more receptive of the real world.

It would only be prudent now to wait and watch the kind of effect wielded by “Hummingbird”- — around six two three months down the line Hummingbrid’s impact is likely to be understood and felt in its entirety.

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