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Local Search: What Marketers Lack

  As per a recent report published in, Chris Silver Smith, the president of Argent Media took a look in to the local business marketing. He opined that there is clearly a “void” as far as it is concerned. Those who are [...]

Ecommerce and SEO: The Connection

Search engine optimization can be a potent force in boosting your customer base via search traffic. However, with an increased competition in the global arena, you have to make sure that your international SEO strategy is planned better. Here [...]

SEO Myths to Get Rid of in 2014

With 2014 being touted to be a huge game-changer in Search Engine Optimization, it is high time that we got rid of that string of myths that have ruled our “SEO beliefs” for years now. With Google’s ever evolving algo- scenario it has become [...]

Content Marketing and your Audience

Content marketing is a crucial part of Search Engine Optimization and building an audience for that content is key to the success of your business. Until and unless you are able to build that audience for your content in the long run, there is [...]

SEO: Some Predictions for 2014

The year 2013 has so far witnessed some of the most conspicuous changes in terms of Google updates. While Panda and Penguin continued to be updated further, the introduction of Hummingbird led analysts rethink their strategies, while some even [...]

Ways of Selecting SEO Firms

As online marketing, today has proved to be a huge force driving every type of business, SEO firms have come to play a major role here as well. If you are willing to hire the services of an SEO firm in a bid to propel your business, you [...]

SEO: What….after link building?

With the importance of link building clearly being questioned at present, it has rather become difficult for SEO analysts to digest the fact that there is no scope to explore possibilities with link building or to see that so many links brought [...]

SEO and E-commerce: The Connect

  Some of the best SEO practices meant for boosting e-commerce sales had been discussed by senior SEO strategist, Trond Lyngbø. As per a report in he has particularly mentioned that doubling online sales for [...]

SEO and Cloud Computing

SEO or search engine optimization can prove beneficial for any kind of business today. The right SEO strategies would trigger chances of your website appearing high in Google’s page rank thereby drawing traffic or visitors to your website. [...]

Still Learning with Hummingbird!

  While many still opine that Google’s latest update- Hummingbird did not cause as much panic as two of its earlier updates caused- there are others who admit that the latest from the search engine giant’s stable became a source of as much [...]

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