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Local Search: What Marketers Lack

Date posted: January 3, 2014



As per a recent report published in, Chris Silver Smith, the president of Argent Media took a look in to the local business marketing. He opined that there is clearly a “void” as far as it is concerned. Those who are involved in local marketing are aware of the fact that they should focus on keyword queries in PPC and search engine marketing campaigns. However, most often they think that they know about the people they need to target in order to bolster local search. But in most cases, it turns out that they are not actually aware of who to target. Given below are some of his points of view:

He says:

“In some cases, I’ve seen companies put all their eggs in one basket by focusing all efforts on ranking for their head term while ignoring all other possible keyword phrases. For highly- contested keywords in competitive markets, it could be more realistic and profitable to work on ranking well for the long tail.”

While stressing on the importance of long tail searches, he opines that even if you are not really ranking good for the head but are faring considerably well for the tail, in that case also you might be considered quite successful:

“If you rank poorly for the head, but rank well for much of the tail, you could still be very successful in business terms. It’s the bottom line you’re after, not the bragging rights that accompany ranking for your vanity term! You may lose one battle, but still win the war.”

He opines that one has to target multiple search phrases that users would make use of, in order to find out about business like that of yours. Therefore, it’s important to explore Google that gives you several hints on keywords. It’s also essential to explore keyword strings for zeroing in on your kind of company and also try to capitalize on its “thesaurus like functionality”.

Article Curtsy: Search Engine Land


This post was written by Steven Buckley

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Link Building Techniques: What Really Helps Today

Date posted: January 2, 2014


As more SEO analysts are looking at bolstering or building relationships with the help of Link Building it is important to understand that, today, you can hardly rely on only directory submissions and article submissions in a bid to improve your online presence. There should be a continuous effort from your end to establish relationships with the “real” people out there who are ready to engage on a regular basis. Today it is absolutely important for you to revisit your Link Building techniques, by means of identifying people or groups who would be ready to help you.

Go through the post in a bid to know more:

Your first responsibility in this regard would be to identify people who are already talking about your brand. Go through blogs where authors have already mentioned about your brand and recommended the same. So there is no extra burden of actually taking the trouble of convincing them to write about you as they have already done the same!

Your employees can be ideally used as a link building asset. Whether it’s the Social Media profiles where they mention your brand as the place they are working in or else company blogs shared by them- leveraging link building opportunities through employees should be considered seriously.

It is also important to find out people who actually are willing to talk about you. In the wake of the constant Google updates, one thing is constant, and that is the demand for fresh content. So, look out for bloggers, writers who can write posts for you.

Social sharing is another aspect that should be seen as a great opportunity for link building. The right integration of Social Media and SEO is the biggest truth in the SEO landscape today. What more? Being socially active also helps you in identify potential customers or people who can write about you!


This post was written by Steven Buckley

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Google’s Outrage Against Link Selling and Buying.

Date posted: December 26, 2013

link buying

In spite of repeated updates from Google’s end the practice of link selling is rampant. The entire scenario works in quite a convenient fashion. There are companies, who in a bid to bolster their online presence hire SEO firms. The primary function of these firms is to request webmasters of other websites (that are mostly relevant to the products offered by their clients) to blissfully insert the links of their clients. The whole trouble is taken to grab Google’s notice, as apparently, the search engine giant especially considers these links while determining the search engine rankings. Everything is done in a hush-hush manner. The link is comfortably placed; the webmaster or the writer who has inserted the link gets paid. The PayPal accounts are duly used for the transfer of money and Google does not get inkling.

But here is the catch. Now, Matt Cutts, according to a recently published report, had tweeted that Google is strictly keeping an eye on these spammers (or those involved in “unethical scam”) and will duly come up with measures to penalize them. Here is what the report published in says:

‘On Friday night, Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts tweeted a link to a Gawker story named Shady Marketing Firms Are Still Quietly Bribing Bloggers. Matt said, “we’re taking action on hundreds of buyers, dozens of sites, & dozens of spammy writers,” in reference to that story.’

The “story” mentioned above, has directly referred to e-mails addressed to the writer as requests for selling links. Here is an example:

“Dear Hamilton,

I would like to compliment you on your great articles that you write! I was wondering if you would be interested in cooperation. We have many clients that would be interested in having their brand and link mentioned in the article and would be willing to pay a nice price for it (no promotional articles of any kind just informational). If this is something that would interest you, then let us know.

Kind regards,


article source: Search Engine Land


This post was written by Steven Buckley

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Online Optimization Tips to Boost SEO

Date posted: December 23, 2013


The frequent algorithmic changes from Google, Yahoo, Bing might get on your nerves at times. Every Google update is followed by brain storming sessions by your SEO teams, struggling to come up with evolved strategies only to find them being rendered ineffective after a few days. Search Engine Optimization is primarily driven by the aim of driving more traffic to a particular website by the virtue of inbound links. However, these inbound links should be integrated in some valuable content. Now, the whole process of driving traffic by means of informative and well-written content might as well take its due share of time. Nonetheless, there are some quick tips that you can avail to boost your online optimization techniques.

Take the Trouble to Optimize Page Title

Optimizing page title is perhaps one of the most important and the easiest things to do. It means that the title that is to be used for a particular page has to have the keyword that you want to rank. For instance, for an internal page of a home décor site, you might want the keyword “home décor wall finishes” to rank in Google. In a bid to do that it should be made sure that the title of the content itself has this keyword. Refrain from giving in to the temptation of using a keyword stuffed title for your page. It should be descriptive and keyword rich but should not convey a sense that it has been forcefully jammed with the keyword and should be restricted within 70 characters.

Revisit your Keyword Research Planning

You might have planned all the keywords that you want to rank after conducting your initial research. However, there is no harm in conducting a fresh research. Do not expect your website to rank in thousands of relevant keywords there. Start off with the less competitive ones. Use Google Keyword Planner.

Glimpse of Other Tips

• Optimizing meta-data

• Optimize URL

• Optimize Page content

• Have a landing page strategy in place


This post was written by Steven Buckley

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SEO and Content Marketing: What You Should Know

Date posted: December 19, 2013


If you’re looking to make your foray in online marketing then know for a fact that SEO and content marketing are two of the most crucial elements that you should know about. Though, content marketing has been “seamlessly confused” with SEO or search engine optimization, these two are definitely different form each other. Some SEO agencies have also included content marketing in their mix of services as they claim that they can offer resources for duly optimized creation of content. So what exactly do you need to learn here?

A recently published report in brings the essential difference between the two very effectively- not without the help of the basic definitions of the two:

Whereas, Content Marketing is described by the Content Marketing Institute as:

“…a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action”

Search Engine Land describes SEO as:

“…the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” listings on search engines. All major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have such results, where web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users. Payment isn’t involved, as it is with paid search ads.”

The Difference

While content creation is basically a mix of art and science form more focussed informative and relevant content for readers, Search Engine Optimization is purely a science form aimed at maximizing the benefits reaped from content creation. As “relevant” is the only common word binding them (as you can trace in the definitions provided above), you have to make sure that you’re using keywords in your content that facilitate long tail keyword searches used by the target audience.


This post was written by Steven Buckley

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Looking Back at SEO 2013: What Experts Have to Say

Date posted: December 18, 2013


2013 has clearly been a significant year in the SEO landscape. Most of the search engines have clearly focused on many a change in terms of social integration, SERP improvements etc and each of these changes has been directed towards better user experience. Strategists now have to concentrate on the value created by their content, more than ever before and also have to resort to some technical measures to communicate the same value to the search engines.

On 16 December, 2013, a post published in titled “What were the most significant developments for SEO in 2013?” came up with prominent industry views regarding the changes that had either made their way or consolidated themselves in the year 2013. Here are excerpts:

Dr Pete Meyers, Marketing Scientist (Moz)

“Not to be unoriginal, but I think [not provided] has to lead the list for me. While good SEOs take a broad perspective, keywords are still a big part of our job, and this one really hurt. As a tool provider, it’s reshaped many of our conversations.

That’s good and bad, but it was certainly jarring. I think Google’s radical push to redefine mobile has changed our world much more than we know. It’s terrified of how mobile consumption could (and has) impact ad revenue and mobile features are now leading desktop features. It’s a big shift in direction that will have profound implications next year.”

Andrew Girdwood, Media Innovations Director at LBi

“There has been very many but the one which feels most important has been the changing numbers among the SEO tribes. This isn’t a scientifically researched observation but my perception is that the number of agency and in-house SEOs who embrace the earned model with outreach, engagement, content, editorial pitches now outnumber those who cling to the more ‘traditional’ model of process link building….”

Julia Logan, Irish Wonder

“Most people will probably say it’s the complete loss of keyword data from Google, but that was coming and we all knew it would eventually get to this. What seems more striking to me, however, is Google admitting its helplessness in some verticals to an extent where it just introduced handpicked whitelists of what can rank in those verticals.”


This post was written by Steven Buckley

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Community and SEO: What’s the Link?

Date posted: December 17, 2013

community and seo

It’s not that SEO strategists undermine the importance of building an online community for driving considerable traffic, but there are very few of them who actually do it. It’s true that proper community maintenance requires you to adopt some serious measures (that you will come across in the due course of the post), but if explored properly a community can add much value in terms of search engine optimization.

The most important function of a branded community is to promote user engagement in a major way. Here, strategists get to understand the real language of customers. Customers generally use their own terminology while they are sharing their feedback or queries in your forum. They are not really aware of the complicated SEO jargon or the concerns of the marketing department. They are asking real questions and phrasing things just as a searcher would do in the prominent search engine. Though Social Media has been much in focus as a means of driving search, there are chances of your viewers getting distracted in a stream. However, in a forum your viewers generally concentrate on your offering a relevant communication thread is drawn hereby. Additionally, a well-kept forum keeps the flow of fresh content going. It is not possible to publish fresh content every day. Forum discussions, on the other hand, help you to explore new horizons on a constant basis. The forum has a very simple structure and it is easier for bots to crawl it.

Now, coming to the maintenance part, make sure that you have someone who is moderating the community. If you are dealing in to a product or service that has already been able to generate some responses then it would be easier for you to have an “active” community. Make sure that your community is backed by a solid plan. Email blasts, beta testers should all be considered.


This post was written by Steven Buckley

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Aiming for International SEO? Know what you Need to Know

Date posted: December 16, 2013


For those of you who are aiming for international search engine optimization, please remember that local SEO always proves helpful for international SEO. You might as well be using generic search terms with the belief that they are searched internationally. However, it should be remembered that local SEO always helps your brand to be identified with audience behaviour or the target users in one particular locality or geographic region.

Your marketing strategy or SEO efforts should be based on solid research and there is no room for complacency in this regard. When you are dedicating your precious time to international SEO, you should try and focus on a few very important points about each and every country where you’re trying to promote your product. You might as well end up needing slightly (or vastly!!!) different strategies for different countries when it comes to SEO. Consider factors including the places from where users are buying your product, how they are using it, if your brand is promoted locally, who is doing that (there are times when you might as well find people promoting your products via writing), if your product is somehow related to any kind of cultural sensitivity of the country where you’re promoting your brand or not.

The fact that your product can be called by different names in different countries adds to your responsibilities. Once again, using generic search terms would prove useless. Use Google’s Keyword Planner. See where your competitors are acquiring inbound links from. Talk to local people if required to stay duly informed in this regard. Go through write-ups in order to know what people in general are talking about the product that you deal into.

International search engine optimization- if leveraged properly can yield a huge impact for your business. See if you can implement these points and eke out positive results or not.


This post was written by Steven Buckley

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Content Driven SEO: It’s Concept

Date posted: December 13, 2013


Content and SEO

In our previous posts we have discussed that content is all for search engine ranking and why quality content is essential for SEO. It is proven that content is the best weapon of SEO. With 2014 round the corner SEO analysts are once again busy with predicting major Search Engine trends. But in the world of digital marketing trends come and go. While some of them develop in to something more than a fad, there are others which have, over the time, developed in to regular practice and one such practice is content driven SEO.

What Do You Mean by Content Driven SEO?

When we create content for a web page today, we keep our target audience in focus. The content is more human-centric- it is something actually driven by a semantic logic which also governs the hyperlinking of texts, videos, pictures, and citations (both internal and external). In fact the search engine has tweaked its algorithms in a bid to motivate human intelligence for semantic search. Now after the content is ready, it will be seen in a distributed format.

No more is your website the only place to hold your content. It will be equally distributed in blogs, various Social Media platforms, customer reviews, video clips, Wikipedia posts, photo albums, apps or maps. It thus rids you of the absolute need to rank your page in the first page of Google. The content optimization takes place naturally as we write the content and not afterwards.

It’s Not Right To think that SEO is Dead

The place of SEO is quite evident, even if some believe that it is actually dead in the context of more intelligence – driven search. The history of SEO marred by black hat practices might have induced you to associate SEO just with keyword stuffing or spamming. But SEO is more than that. No matter, how creative your content is, no one would be able to find it without the help of proper on page optimization. As Bill Slawski liked to put it:

“if you need help with hreflang, canonical link elements, parameter handling, rel prev and next values for pagination, XML sitemaps for pages and images and videos and news, Google Plus authorship markup, Facebook’s Open Graph meta data, implementation, and many other issues that great content alone will not solve, an SEO can help you with those


This post was written by Steven Buckley

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Ecommerce and SEO: The Connection

Date posted: December 12, 2013


Search engine optimization can be a potent force in boosting your customer base via search traffic. However, with an increased competition in the global arena, you have to make sure that your international SEO strategy is planned better. Here are ways in which you can use Search Engine Optimization to boost traffic for your e-commerce site.

It is very important for you to include popular keywords in a natural way. Titles and headings should be given due importance as well. Make use of Bing keyword research or Google’s keyword planner tools in a bid to find out which of the keywords are more popular in the relevant field. Try to include those keywords in your titles and headlines. You might as well come up with a catchy title for your campaign but if it’s not optimized properly, your SEO efforts might as well be jeopardized. Now, do remember one thing that the popularity of keywords generally varies from one country to another (which the research tools would definitely show you). So make sure that you’re working with most popular keywords in your region.

It would be great if you’re able to provide a visual design for your site that is duly appealing to the local region. If you’re operating in several countries as a brand then make sure that your site is duly optimized for respective countries in which your brand has a market. Understand the local cultures properly and try to come up with the local versions of your website accordingly.

If you have looked at websites closely today, you would realize that the inclusion of Social Media buttons is almost regular practice. Whereas earlier it was only seen as an option, today with the emphasis being on the right integration of social and search, more and more brands are trying to reach out to their potential customers via Social Media. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are great platforms for users to voice their opinions.


This post was written by Steven Buckley

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Pinterest and Bing: What’s New in SEO?

Date posted: December 11, 2013


Those of you who have always sounded optimistic about the place of Pinterest in search engineoptimization have more reasons to cheer now. But why? Let’s find out.

Till date, though Pinterest hasn’t had the opportunity to offer much to natural search, now Bing has incorporated the content of Pinterest in to its image search. As a result, brands that have very attractive products to promote can jolly well leverage Pinterest in a bid to improve their search result in Bing.

As per reports, Bing gets almost 10 million searches a day, around 10-15 percent of which are images. Now, this move by Bing (that of including Pinterest in its natural search) is being seen as a very useful one by experts. While earlier Bing was primarily banking on “computer vision” to decide on the context of images, now (after the integration of Pinterest) the focus has clearly shifted to human intelligence. Pinterest’s image search is meaningful as it majorly takes human involvement in to account. Here, it’s the human beings who in a way “rate” or attach value to pictures by pinning or following them. It becomes difficult for search engines to rightly estimate
the value of an image and anticipate how the audience would react to it. The integration of Pinterest, now, has made things easier since the way images are estimated here coincides with Bing’s stress on authority and relevance while deciding on search engine rankings. The number of times people pin and repin them and the way they describe these images play a crucial role in determining the search ranking of each of these images.

The integration of Pinterest in Bing (that had taken place a couple of months back in October) has so far been touted as a great move till now. Let’s see where this heads in future!


This post was written by Steven Buckley

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Google’s PR Update: Speculations and More

Date posted: December 10, 2013


As per a report in Google has updated its PR (long after February 2013). Twitter was already abuzz with updates from webmasters who actually noticed that Google had updated its PR. However, Matt Cutts had earlier indicated that there was no intention from Google’s end to update PR primarily owing to technical issues. The move (that of updating the PR), as a result, definitely came as a surprise.

Thus, reported, “At Pubcon Las Vegas in October, Cutts said we hadn’t seen a recent PageRank update because the pipeline that pushes PageRank data from the internal Google servers to the toolbar broke. There were no plans to fix it, he said, at least not for the remainder of the year. However, it appears that they decided getting this information out to the public was useful enough that they fixed the problem.”

It has further been reported that sites that had been introduced newly since February 2013 had been awarded with PR 1 and PR 2 while those with PR4 and 6 didn’t see much improvement this time. Though it has been suspected that the data regarding the PR update is old, there are some who still believe that since Google receives fresh data in its PR tool (internal) it isn’t really possible that the search engine giant would be using old data.

Here is what Dave Naylor of Bronco had to say, “We looked at hundreds of sites and 90 percent dropped -We’ve not seen many gain PageRank in big leaps this time. We saw PR6s drop to PR1s, but not many PR1s rise to a PR6.”

Bronco is a digital agency and Dave Naylor is the Speaker and Head of Search Marketing at He goes on to state, “My gut feeling is that the PageRank is from when the Google PageRank system broke, so it’s not new PageRank; it’s second hand PageRank from September-ish”.


This post was written by Steven Buckley

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Search Marketing Integration- what is That?

Date posted: December 7, 2013


While it’s clear to many that SEO is drastically different from what it used to be 7-10 years ago, many of you are yet to learn that Search Marketing Integration (SMI) or SEO layering is now one of the key concepts ruling the SEO landscape. While analysts could have spent hours in title tags, keywords and content maneuvering earlier the scenario has clearly changed today. Content layering plays an integral role in SEO and today it has compelled analysts to look strictly beyond search to other avenues and work on initiatives related to different departments to boost organic visibility.

The four distinct areas where you can possibly work on are:

1) Communication

2) Influence

3) Organization

4) Execution

The unmistakable mark of a digital marketer is the ability to identify chances of SEO everywhere, i.e. in every department. It is crucial for you to communicate with colleagues from every department and discuss SEO opportunities. Participating in trainings, happy hours and cross departmental meets can prove highly beneficial here.

Regular communication would help you to identify an expert from every department. Once you do that try and motivate him/her to contribute towards the achievement of online visibility in every possible manner. Make sure the person you’re dealing with, has enough persuasive power so as to convey your initiatives to the entire team he is working with.

Adopt a systematic approach right from the beginning. Once each and every department gets ready to help you in your effort, it’s now time for your supporters to be clear about the roles that they are going to perform. Specify how each of these departments should contribute- via Social Media or community promotions or blog comments etc. Maintain a spreadsheet with roles clearly defined.

The execution would vary as per the nature of the SEO opportunity at hand. For instance, it would take hours for the engineering department to create an interactive site widget for link building, while a commenting on a blog would only take a few minutes.


This post was written by Steven Buckley

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SEO Myths to Get Rid of in 2014

Date posted: December 4, 2013


With 2014 being touted to be a huge game-changer in Search Engine Optimization, it is high time that we got rid of that string of myths that have ruled our “SEO beliefs” for years now. With Google’s ever evolving algo- scenario it has become very difficult for analysts to keep themselves updated on a regular basis.

Here is a lowdown on the some of the most notable SEO myths that you should be aware of.

• It is absolutely imperative to rope in as many reviews on Google Business as possible: Yes it’s absolutely important. If you have a Google business page, getting some genuine reviews would be crucial for SEO purposes. But read that again- “genuine review” is what is required. There is no point in filling up your Google page with sugar coated reviews from your family and relatives.

• SEO is all about meta tags. No no no. Its true that there was a time when you would include keywords in your meta description that you would like to rank in the search engines. However, today it is regarded as a done to death policy though it initially started off as an SEO best practice.

• Search engine optimization is not about usability but only quality. There is perhaps no SEO myth bigger than this. You can have the best content in terms of information and quality writing. But your audience will not be interested to visit your site if it takes long to load or it does not have a user

friendly interface. So make sure that you are working on that as well.

• Google PageRank is the ultimate yardstick for success. Once again, no!!!!! Once again, Google has not updated it’s PR this year and there are strong speculations that the search engine giant would completely quit doing it from the next year onwards! So get your act right there!


This post was written by Steven Buckley

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Content Marketing and your Audience

Date posted: December 3, 2013


Content marketing is a crucial part of Search Engine Optimization and building an audience for that content is key to the success of your business. Until and unless you are able to build that audience for your content in the long run, there is absolutely no point in continuing with the efforts of producing quality content for your website. In order to build that audience base, you would first need to identify the type of audience that would generally contribute to your proprietary ambitions. Here is a brief lowdown

As per a write-up by Joe Pulizzi in, there are three types of audiences crucial for B2B content marketing namely, Seekers, Amplifiers and Joiners. As Pulizzi says, “…I was thrilled to get my hands on Jeff Rohrs’ new book, aptly titled, Audience: Marketing in the Age of Subscribers, Fans & Followers….. In the book, Jeff reveals hundreds of tactics and strategies (literally!) on how to build your audience online. One of the sections I found to be the most helpful is where Jeff breaks down proprietary audiences into three principal types: seekers, amplifiers, and joiners.”

Seekers: Seekers are those people who are on the lookout for satisfying some need of theirs owing to which they are availing online help. They are totally looking to fulfill their personal need, in the process of which they might bump in to in to your offerings. However, there’s no guarantee that they will necessarily stick to your content. Coming and leaving are totally up to them. Your challenge would be to convert this audience in to joiners, amplifiers or customers.

Amplifiers are those who generally have their own audience that can help spread the word. People like reporters, reviewers, analysts etc can actually share your content (only if they like it) to bring it to the notice of more people.

Joiners are the ones who are willingly allowing you to share your content with them via e-mail, direct messages etc. Unlike in case of seekers, where you have no control over the visits, here you can actually in control over at least your message delivery.


This post was written by Steven Buckley

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SEO: Some Predictions for 2014

Date posted: December 2, 2013

SEO-2014The year 2013 has so far witnessed some of the most conspicuous changes in terms of Google updates. While Panda and Penguin continued to be updated further, the introduction of Hummingbird led analysts rethink their strategies, while some even went to the extent of questioning the very existence of SEO. Taking from these trends, what exactly can we expect for the coming year? Here are glimpses.

Everything that was discovered or improved upon in the year 2013, would be there but just a bit amplified. There is no question of SEO being dead. The need for online presence is stronger than ever before.

• Content marketing continues and will continue to be a crucial factor in driving traffic for sites. The need for quality content is more pressing. Useful and informative stuff with more social shares would be crucial for success. Try and work on your authority of your body of work.

• With the renewed role of Social Networking in SEO, it would be crucial for you to work on your Google + presence. Make sure that you are creating the Google Authorship for your content. The content should then be attached to your Google + account. The +1s have their own importance though Google is yet to clarify the exact nature of their influence.

• If you are encouraged to continue with Guest Blogging then make sure that you are duly taking care of the tweak here. Guest posting has, so far, been considered to be the most assured way of driving traffic. But now make sure that you are stringent with your own guidelines and the sites that you target.

• Mobile SEO performance will be a crucial factor in determining rankings. Today, more than half of the Americans are using tablets and smart phones. Thus, mobile optimized website is what you need to target for the coming year.


This post was written by Steven Buckley

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Video Marketing: Where does it Stand?

Date posted: November 29, 2013


video-marketing-seoThat video marketing has emerged as one of the crucial and “most effective” factors driving SEO once again. The fact has been established by a report published recently. As per the report, 82 percent of the marketers opined that video marketing plays a crucial role in influencing the purchasing decision of people, while 32 percent stating that it is “very” effective. Around 600 marketers were surveyed on their approach or views about the use of video in e mail marketing. The survey was conducted by Reel SEO in association with Web Video Marketing Council and Flimp Media. It was strange that though most of them agreed that video marketing was very effective in the field of search engine optimization, only around 60 percent of them admitted that the same was a part of their present strategy. In fact, similar results have been found from earlier surveys as well. Video marketing has always been seen as a crucial factor influencing customers’ purchasing decision. The present survey somehow goes on to reconsolidate the fact.

Here is more on that survey:

• 51% of the marketers viewed a link to the video as the most effective method

• 73 percent said that video email was the most effective for service/product promotions

• 60 percent agreed that video improves conversions

• Around 37 percent said that they have not used videos to step up their email marketing efforts

• 24 percent root for embedded videos

• Around 1.7 percent opined that videos are less likely to improve conversions, while 35.2 percent were still unsure about the prospects here. And Reel SEO somehow summed it up as, “Video within a marketing email has had a positive impact on prospect purchases and conversion rates for more than 60 percent of surveyed marketers, although 35 percent had yet to be convinced.”


This post was written by Steven Buckley

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Ways of Selecting SEO Firms

Date posted: November 28, 2013


As online marketing, today has proved to be a huge force driving every type of business, SEO firms have come to play a major role here as well. If you are willing to hire the services of an SEO firm in a bid to propel your business, you should try and know more about the right ways to do the same. You can’t just afford to conduct a random research on the present SEO firms and select one among them.

The first striking attribute that you must demonstrate while choosing an SEO firm is “focus”. You should try and focus on your needs before you start researching on the firms. You should decide whether at all you would need the services of a firm that works for all types of clients or else specialists. Experts suggest that firms that specialize in particular industries should be opted for when you yourself are working in a very well-established industry. For instance, if you are a doctor there would be another doctor doing the same thing that you do. In that case, it’s only advisable that you seek the help of a specialized firm that is more adept at dealing with fiercer competition. On the other hand, if you are yourself a niche organization you can opt for a more generalized firm.

It is very important to ensure that the services thus hired are in compliance with your business needs. So study the nature of your business well. A lot will depend on whether your business is local or not, whether it’s a niche one or not, whether you are looking at slow and steady growth in a straightforward way or fast growth with a lot of customization. Ask your friends from the business about SEO firms that can help you in your path of development.


This post was written by Steven Buckley

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SEO: What….after link building?

Date posted: November 27, 2013


With the importance of link building clearly being questioned at present, it has rather become difficult for SEO analysts to digest the fact that there is no scope to explore possibilities with link building or to see that so many links brought by them are now rendered useless. Meaningful link building has always been seen as a measure of achieving the best in terms of Domain Authority, Page Rank, client satisfaction etc. So what is the way out now? Is link building really dead? Or is it just a rumour? If it is really true, what possibly can act as such a (like link building) definitive measure of success? Let us explore further in this post.

Now, think deep. Stop taking things in face value. Please think about what you had been dealing with till now. If link “building” is what you had been concentrating on, then it will not be a surprise to actually be reminded of the fact that if you had been building something for some days it must come to an end. It is now time to see what you actually have built!!! More precisely speaking, link building has never ceased to be a near impossible task with around several sources bringing zero links.

Some of the ways of triggering page rank are mentioned below:

• Email marketing

• Blog posts with long tail keywords

• Other contents with long tail keywords

• Social Media sharing

It is rather time for you to “earn” links whereby you should try and implement the following:

• Start interviewing well known individuals for publications

• Make yourself available for these interviews. If possible, try and involve clients as well.

• Make sure you are honing your networking skills duly

• Do not forget to update old sites in .gov, .edu or .org websites.

Steven Buckley

This post was written by Steven Buckley

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Quality Content and SEO- Knowing Better

Date posted: November 26, 2013


We are regularly updating our viewers about SEO news and Google updates. Though it is very difficult to stay updated with the latest changes introduced by Google, as a content writer it is your responsibility to dig out reliable sources helping you out in this regard. Here are some tips that you can follow in a bid to ensure that the end result (meaning the written content) that you are producing is duly in keeping with the latest SEO guidelines.

• The use of meta-descriptions can be regarded as a great way to bolster the page rank. However, making its use randomly will not really help. Besides, making sure that the description helps the audience to get the gist of your content perfectly, you should also ensure that you are subtly optimizing the keywords there. Needless to mention, your content definitely gets a push there.

• Using keywords in a balanced manner is already known to be one of the best practices in the SEO industry. It remains difficult not to use keywords in unnatural manner in your content, since this is what has been practiced since a long time now. However, a little bit of practice from your end helps. Try to divide the keywords strategically throughout your content. Try out the latent semantic search, research on the search volume and try working towards producing an SEO friendly content.

• Last but not the least, write quality content. The fact that you are able to weave compact, meaningful and useful content is the reason why you are in the industry. Google, in fact has made things easier for you where you are not required to stuff your content with keywords unnaturally. Make use of the best resources available. Try to incorporate some uniqueness with the help of some news elements. Try to increase the relevance of your content so that users are duly aided in their search.

When you know the importance of content in online marketing and in SEO, you must be interested to know how to write quality content. Read our previous post –Writing Big Content in Five Strategic Steps


This post was written by Steven Buckley

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