Adwords Paid and Organic Report- What it Means?

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The new Adwords Paid and Organic Report has now made it possible for e-commerce enthusiasts to “analyze and optimize” their “search footprint”. Now, those who have been sincerely working towards making co optimization easy have always been under threat from Google. The search engine giant has had, till now, either taken away or have threatened to snatch some of their APIs from them. No doubt, the move from Google, thus comes as a surprise for many.

The Merits of the Report As Pointed Out by Google

Now, those of you who are still wondering the reason behind Google actually backing the report are mentioned below

As per Google, the report can be utilized to:

  • Bolster your presence in search results.
  • To identify potential keywords to be added to your Adwords account- this can further be done by particularly looking out for queries that only show in the organic search results without any associated ads.
  • Track queries with high value for organic results.
  • Report the result of website improvement tests across organic, paid and combined traffic.
  • Compare traffic across both organic search and Adwords in the same interface and work on adjustments accordingly.


It can be anticipated that if the paid and the organic are duly integrated it can only bolster paid click results. Strategist Bill Hunt in his blog has mentioned that when he had tried to use the report, the results were evident:

“Yes, that’s correct – the lowly organic listing improved paid clicks. This is exactly why paid and organic need to be integrated. Let’s look at the contribution of the newly achieved organic listing.

The paid only click rate was 14.95 percent, which seems pretty high until I saw the CPC at $0.06, which suggests it’s a branded or a long-tail term. Nevertheless, like magic when the organic listing appears, the paid click rate jumps to 41.77 percent, which is a massive 64 percent increase.”

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